Product Code: USB3DHDS- ALOGIC USB3.0 Universal Dual Display Docking Station

Q . Will I need to install any drivers to use this dock?
A. Yes, the drivers for this dock can be found at the following website.

Q. Will my laptop support a monitor being plugged into the dock?
A. Yes, if the drivers are installed you can plug your monitor in.

Q. Can I run dual screens using this dock?
A. Yes, this dock will support two monitors being plugged into it.

Q. Can I plug my 4k screen into this dock?
A. Yes, but the maximum resolution supported is 2048 X 1152.

Q. Will the USB-C port on my laptop work with this dock if I use an USB-A to USB-C adapter?
A. Yes, this dock will work with an USB-A to USB-C adapter.

Q. Will this dock work without a power cable plugged in?
A. No, this dock requires an external power to work.

Q. Why do I have problems with my Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices when USB 3 devices are attached to my computer?
A. Some devices can generate the same radio frequency that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices use (2.4GHz band). Try moving the dock away from your laptop. Also try switching your Wi-Fi band to 5Ghz instead. Please see the following link for Intel’s statement on the issue

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