ALOGIC USB-C Dock Nano - Ultra Series

Designed especially to work with the Macbook Pro (2016/2017/2018 and onwards) and MacBook Air 2018

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Make the most of the versatile USB-C ports on the latest Macbooks with the ALOGIC Dock NANO. This compact dock has been designed especially to work with the MacBook Pro (2016/2017/2018 and onwards) and 2018 MacBook Air. It is compatible with both the 13” and the 15” MacBook Pro models. 


Complete Connectivity

The dock NANO has an array of ports providing all the popular digital connectivity options. It has the most popular HDMI 4K@30 Hz output, 2 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C (100W PD), 1 x USB-C (Data) & Micro & SD Card Readers.

Power of USB-C - Plug & Play

Enabled with USB-C and Multi-Stream Transport technology, which powers all the different functions of the dock such as charging your laptop, transfer data, connect to an ultra HD display and memory card at the same time without any drivers or software with instant plug & play support.


Compact & Portable

Compact with a very small footprint for ease of use on a desk or as the perfect travel companion for on the go use. Aluminium construction makes the adapter light weight and durable.


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Data Rate Supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 Data Rate from USB-C and USB-A Ports
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Physical Characteristics Dimensions :120 (L) x 27.7 (W) x 12.2 (H) mm
Warranty 1 Year
Output HDMI x 1, USB 3.0 Type A x 2, USB-C (Data + Power Delivery) x 1, USB-C (Data Only) x 1, SD Card Slot x 1, Micro SD Card Slot x 1
Input USB-C x 2
Compatibility Apple Macbook Pro 13” or 15”2016/2017/2018 or onwards, Apple Macbook Air 2018 or onwards
Resolution HDMI: Up to 4K (3840x2160) @30HZ
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Barcode (EAN) 9350784016904
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