ALOGIC 15000mAh Portable Power Bank with Dual Output - 2.4A - Prime Series - Space Grey

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Includes Micro USB Charging Cable

Sold Out
Sold Out

The ALOGIC Prime Series 15,000 mAh Portable Power Bank is designed to power two USB devices simultaneously on the go. The power bank features two USB-A connectors with 2.4A current output and one Micro USB connector, rated at 1A current input to charge the power bank.


Portable & Premium Aluminium Build

Machined unibody Aluminium chassis for a clean, elegant & durable design that is light and portable. 


15,000mAh Power Bank with Dual Outputs

Charges two devices simultaneously such as tablets and smartphones.


Charges both Android & Apple devices Quickly & Safely

Smart Charge technology keeps your device safe while maintaining the maximum charge rate for your power hungry mobile devices.


Part No.MP2A15SGR
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Warranty 1 Year
Battery Type-bool(false)
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Output (2) USB-A : 2.4A (Smart Charge)
Input (1) Micro USB : 1A
LEDs 5 Bar LED Indicators
Unit Dimension HxDxL(mm)-bool(false)
Unit Dimension HxDxL(mm) 22 x 64 x 148
Barcode (EAN)-bool(false) Is Featured Product-bool(false) Is featured Product Solutions-bool(false) Search Weight-bool(false) National Retailer-bool(false) EOL alternate-bool(false) For Sale-bool(false) Product Translated-bool(false) Show view details button on category page-bool(false) Power Bank Capacity (mAh)-bool(false)
Power Bank Capacity (mAh) 15000
No. of Outputs-bool(false)
No. of Outputs Dual Output
Output Type-bool(false) Product weight-bool(false)
Barcode (EAN) 9350784015280