ALOGIC Bolt Plus USB-C Docking Station with stand

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Apple Chromebook Microsoft

Not a laptop stand. Not a docking station. The ALOGIC Bolt Plus Docking Station is, in fact, a 10-port amalgam of both. Plug into the ultra-modern dock and you’re arm’s reach to an enviable double act.

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Bolt Plus

No. You're Not Seeing Double

Now, Connecting to Dual 4K Screens is Easy

With your laptop connected to the Bolt’s twin HDMI outputs, run up to two 4K monitors. For port-deprived laptop owners, this a dead simple way to completely upscale what you can achieve at your desk. More screen real estate, along with Ultra High Definition display, is the perfect way to see and do more.

Dual Display

Dual Display


Ultra HD

*Dual monitor display is available for Windows and Chrome users. Mac users can mirror their laptop screen across two 4K displays. 

 Bolt Plus
Bolt Plus

More Space for Your Desk

Desk Space for Head Space

Because the Bolt Plus stand lives on the dock, you reclaim desk space. Because your laptop stand clutches your computer, you reclaim more desk space. That’s especially significant for tiny desks -- but important for all. Also enjoy the convenience of always having the dock and stand in reach together when you need both fast.

Perfect for Most Modern Laptops

A Shareable Dock

Mac, Windows and Chromebook laptop users with a USB-C port on their computers can plug straight into the Bolt Plus. The dock’s extensive compatibility makes it great for hot desking at work or home. Multiple laptop users can share the dock too. That’s great for cost benefit.

*The Bolt Plus is a widely compatible dock. But Mac users who connect to the dock can run just a single display, rather than two. They can, however, mirror their single display on another display.


Bolt Plus
Bolt Plus

Premium Metal Design

Bolt Plus

Plug & Play

Bolt Plus

Transfers Multimedia at Top Speed

Connect Your Storage Devices for No-Fuss Data Transfer

Transferring your data on stone-age speed is a big headache. Photographers, videographers, designers, audio engineers, and families who love to share many moments captured on multimedia, will tell you that. The Bolt Plus’s 5Gbps transfer speeds are a much time-friendlier alternative.

A Compact Dock for Efficient Work

A Great Fit for Desks of All Sizes

The Bolt Plus is diminutive but all-business. Its upmarket exterior is eye-catching but subtle. The dock is a savant. Right there when you need it – right out the way when you don’t.


Bolt Plus

10 Ports

Turbocharge Your Productivity

The Bolt Plus is exceptionally well-heeled for ports. At the back, set-and-forget peripherals such as keyboards and mice -- along with dual displays and Ethernet -- connect long-term.

 DUPRDX2-Connections Mobile
  1. 3.5mm TRRS Audio/Microphone Jack supports quality recording and playback
  2. SD Card Reader (SD 4.0) for speedier downloads
  3. Micro SD Card Reader (SD 4.0) for speedier downloads
  4. USB-A 3.1 Gen1 (5G) works with older laptops
  5. USB-A 3.1 Gen1 (5G) works with older laptops
  6. USB-C to Laptop Input Port with Power Delivery
  7. HDMI 4K@30Hz
  8. HDMI 4K@30Hz
  9. RJ45 Ethernet 1 Gbps for stable Internet connection
  10. USB-A 2.0 works with older laptops
  11. USB-C Power Delivery Port


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Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS
Physical Characteristics-bool(false)
Physical Characteristics Product Dimensions: 190 x 90 x 26.5mm (W x D x H) | Colour: Space Grey | Weight (product): 328g | Materials: Aluminium
Warranty 2 years
Output 1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack, 1 x Micro SD Slot (TF Card), 1 x SD Card Slot, 2 x USB-A (USB 3.1 Gen 1), 1 x USB-C (Connect to Host), 2 x HDMI (4K@30Hz), 1 x USB (USB 2.0), 1 x Gigabit Ethernet Port
Input 1 x USB-C Port (Max 100W)
Connection Guide-bool(false) Barcode (EAN)-bool(false) Compatibility-bool(false)
Compatibility Compatible with all computers with a USB-C port. | Recommended for use with Windows computers (Windows 7 and above). | When used with Apple Mac computers display outputs can be mirrored or extended;
Resolution Up to 2 x 4K UHD 30Hz with HDMI Port
Audio Analogue audio line/microphone in/out
Package Includes-bool(false)
Package Includes 1 x Dock, 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable 0.8m, 1 x User Manual
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Device Compatibility Apple, Chromebook, Microsoft
Coming Soon-bool(false)
Barcode (EAN) 9350784024114

Connection Guides


Maximum Resolution

DisplayPort 1

Stunning visual displays: 5120x2880 60Hz (all computers)

DisplayPort 2

Stunning visual displays: 5120x2880 60Hz (all computers)