ALOGIC ACTIVE DisplayPort to DVI-D Cable with 4K Support Male to Male - Elements Series

Part No

Connect DisplayPort Source to a DVI 4K Display

This ALOGIC Elements ACTIVE DisplayPort to DVI cable converts a DisplayPort signal from a DisplayPort enabled computer for viewing on a DVI enabled display. The cable is most suited to be used where the computer is not capable to output multi mode DisplayPort (DP++) such as AMD Eyefinity. The adapter supports AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display technology.

  • Support for AMD Eyefinity Multi Display Technology.
  • Durable DisplayPort connectors With Latch Connectors
  • Gold Plated connectors for best connectivity and minimum loses.
  • PE Bag Packaging. 
  • Warranty: Life Time


Part No.DP-DV4K-01-ACTV
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Physical Characteristics Aluminium and Mylar shielding to help eliminate EMI and RFI
Warranty Lifetime
Output DVI-D Male x 1
Input DisplayPort Male x 1
Compatibility Support for AMD Eyefinity Multi Display Technology
Resolution 4K Ultra HD 3840 X 2160 with DisplayPort Ver 1.2 devices | 2560 X 1440 with display port 1.1 devices
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Barcode (EAN) 9350784002631