ALOGIC 10 Port USB Charger with Smart Charge - Prime Series

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The ALOGIC 10 Port USB charger allows to charge 10 USB devices at the same time.

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The ALOGIC10 Port USB charger allows to charge 10 USB devices at the same time. The charger is crafted from Aluminium resulting in a light, durable and robust design. Each of the 10 USB ports of the charger can output a maximum current of up to 2.4A with a total of 100W output.


Outputs 100W of power from its 10 ports for charging multiple devices at once.
VPLUC10A100 3

Smart Charge Technology:

 Automatically detects the maximum power your device needs. Provides protection against overheating, over voltage, short circuit and over current.
VPLUC10A100 side

Elegant & Friendly Design:

Small footprint housed in an Aluminium enclosure. USB ports are sufficiently spaced making the charger suitable for many different types of accessories. 
VPLUC10A100 application


Part No.VPLUC10A100
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Physical Characteristics Material: Black Aluminium Body | Dimensions: 187*64.5*30(mm) | Weight: 300gms
Warranty 1 Year
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Certifications CE/FCC,SAA,RoHS
Compatibility Most of the USB enabled devices including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Samsung, LG, HTC, Android Phones & Tablets, Smart Watches, Bluetooth Speaker & Other Mobile devices.
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USB-A Slots 10 Bay
Barcode (EAN) 9350784009692

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