Why the Twin HD and Twin HD Pro are perfect for your workplace

The ALOGIC Twin HD Docking station expands the capabilities of your Windows or Mac laptop by supporting two full HD monitors via HDMI ports, additional USB-C and USB-A peripherals, Wired Ethernet Network, Mic & Speakers

What we know about USB-4

The new standard of connectivity, USB4 has been published and is scheduled to release either late this year or in the beginning of next year. As per the briefings, the USB 4 will transfer data

Best Power Banks for iPhone 11

These days the dependency on smartphones has increased to a great extent. It wouldn’t be an over-statement to say some of us have become over dependant on our phones. Also, with the increased use of cell

What is a Docking Station?

Imagine a situation wherein, you need to connect the following devices externally to the laptop: A regular keyboard, if your preference is to towards a separate keypad A mouse, much comfortable option than the laptop touchpad An external