What is Thunderbolt Technology?

Intel created Thunderbolt in the late 2000s for a project they named as ‘Light Peak’. The intention was to add optical fibre for transferring data. However, scientists realised while testing with their copper wiring prototype,

What is the difference between USB 3.1 and USB 4.0

The most awaited release in the USB world, the USB4, was speculated to release in the year 2020. Let’s take a detailed look at what can be expected and how different is it from its older conventions.  What is USB4?  The USB4

Fusion Hub Series by ALOGIC

As most of the devices are USB-C enabled, ALOGIC has introduced its new series of USB-C Fusion Hubs, consisting of 4 different versions, Fusion Max, Fusion Swift, Fusion Alpha and Fusion Core. Let us look

Innovative and useful ways to help maximise limited Desk Space

These days as per the modern styling of workplaces which adheres to small office spaces, the scope of having a huge work desk has reduced. Employees need to get acquainted with a limited work desk

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