The Best Chromebook Docking Stations for Dual/Triple Monitor Setups

Multi-Display Solutions for Chromebook Users With a growing number of laptop users opting for Chromebook laptops over Windows and Mac today (in the 10-year anniversary of Chromebook OS), it’s time to talk about Chromebook laptops’ ability

Setting up your Macbook Pro for your home office

Setting up MacBook Pro for your home office If Working from home for long term is on the agenda, then setting up a personal home office space becomes a must. Dedicated desk space, perfect laptop and

Hubs vs Docks Explained

You might have frequently heard the words Hubs and Docks, majority of the times they are used interchangeably. Practically, it is a difficult task to find differences between the two as they are very similar

Best Working From Home Solutions

Some of the biggest employers across the globe have already enacted policies requiring staff to work from home, with many others starting to urge employees to work remotely if possible. Here at ALOGIC we know how

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