ALOGIC unveils new line of Super Ultra Cables for all your charging needs

ALOGIC launches their new range of Super Ultra Cables: Alogic introduces a new line of premium cables, that is specially designed to guarantee a longer lifespan. The problem with most charging cables is that inevitably the

The Future of USB-C, Making a Smooth Transition

The Future of USB-C, Making a Smooth Transition: Setting an example for the tech community, big brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Google have begun to gradually transition their products to USB-C. Dubbed as the ‘all-in-one’

Why Docking Stations are Becoming a Necessity in the Workplace.

Why docking stations are becoming a necessity in the workplace. Docking stations are rapidly becoming more prominent in the workplace due to their ability to enhance the productivity of laptops and tablets. As most device manufacturers have

Keep Your Devices Safe & Secure With A SmartBox.

Keep Your Devices Safe & Secure With A Smartbox: Smartboxes, also known as charging trolleys, have been widely adopted into education and government sectors as well as large corporations. Particularly those using hotspot workstations or where

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