The most versatile dock on the market (Twin HD Pro)

Nowadays with the advent of compact work travel or the concept of hotdesking, the main issue would be connectivity with all your required devices. Laptops provide us with easy portability, however there is always a

Hotdesking with the new ALOGIC Twin HD and HD Pro

Hotdesking with the new ALOGIC Twin HD and HD Pro   Hotdesking has become the newest trend for a lot of offices and organizations, with the benefits of reducing costs and increasing productivity, it is sure

Best Power banks for the Samsung Galaxy

Best Power banks for Samsung Galaxy   For Samsung mobile phones, the company is famous for its Adaptive Fast Charging Technology, which is responsible for a quick charging of the mobile phone, so much so, that a

Increase your workplace productivity with these new innovative docking stations. (Twin HD and Twin HD Pro)

The reason we all love using our laptop is for the ease of use and mobility that it provides. But of course, the advantage of the desktop computer cannot be overshadowed as they can be easily

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