Best Working From Home Solutions

Some of the biggest employers across the globe have already enacted policies requiring staff to work from home, with many others starting to urge employees to work remotely if possible. Here at ALOGIC we know how

How to evolve your productivity in the workspace

When we talk about evolving our productivity at work, we could consider looking at a lot of external factors, predominantly the aesthetic and technological aspects of it. To start with aesthetic, the office spaces nowadays has

Charge three devices with one

We always prefer our workspace to be less cluttered and organized. The demand for charging stations have therefore increased, as they allow you to connect multiple devices and keep all the cords that otherwise become

Why the Twin HD and Twin HD Pro are perfect for your workplace

The ALOGIC Twin HD Docking station expands the capabilities of your Windows or Mac laptop by supporting two full HD monitors via HDMI ports, additional USB-C and USB-A peripherals, Wired Ethernet Network, Mic & Speakers

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