Green Statement

Green Initiative

A significant part of our philosophy at ALOGIC involves the role that we play in preserving our environment.  As a technology company, we take pride in the fact that we create products that improve the lives of those who use them.  One very important way that we improve lives is by paying close attention to the impact of our products on the environment.  From the manufacturing process, to the packaging, to the very application of the products themselves, we scrutinize each step and ensure that we are doing our very best to minimize our impact on the environment.  Why?  Because we believe in preserving the Earth and ensuring that future generations can enjoy this beautiful planet we call home.  We understand that we are not only in the business of developing innovative products, but that we are in the business of improving lives.  We invite you to not only understand our commitment to the environment but to join us in remembering what is important – to believe in Green.


At  ALOGIC healthy living is an ideal that we like to promote.  We think that a healthy body and a healthy mind are essential to good living.  To this end, we have created products that complement a healthy, active lifestyle.  Many of our products are portable and compact, making them ideal for use when exercising.  Our keyboards and mice are designed to lessen the impact and stress on the user’s hands during usage.  These examples, among other innovations, reflect our commitment to making useful, healthy products.  As we develop our technology, we will continue to look for ways for our products to contribute to the good health of the end-user.